Bison - DWR
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Yellowstone bison, enroute to Utah in 1941, generate great attention as crew stops for lunch.


Bison obtained from Yellowstone National Park were released near Robber's Roost Ranch north of the Dirty Devil River on the San Rafael Desert in 1941 (Nelson 1965). An additional release of five bulls was made in 1942 to replace those that scattered to the north. The bison left the San Rafael Desert in 1942 and most crossed the Dirty Devil River to the south and went onto the Burr Desert. Following a roundup and testing for brucellosis in 1963, the bison shifted their winter range from the Burr Desert to the foothills on the west side of the Henry Mountains. The bison continued to use the Henry Mountains during the other seasons. Bison have increased gradually since the initial transplant.

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